Reasons to Host a Website with SiteGround Hosting

Settling down on a new web hosting company’s plan is tough, at least that’s what it seems like in the beginning. Many new website owners end up falling for the wrong company’s hosting promotion, and they regret soon enough. We have tried out the website hosting companies with lesser number of customer complains to really know what their services are like; and SiteGround happened to be one top candidate in the shortlist we have created.

Host a Website with SiteGround Hosting

Speaking of reasons to choose SiteGround over any others. There are many reasons to be happy about, we have shortlisted them in five reasons.

  1. Flexibility

The best selling point for the SiteGround hosting plans is flexibility. Most of the web hosting companies offer locked down shared and dedicated hosting plans. The basic aspects of a web hosting like manageability, tweaking capabilities are offered in a limited scale and users can’t get bone deep to change a hosting plan in order to suit their needs. SiteGround is really good in terms of pricing and they offer many discount for new customers, read more about SiteGround coupons and dals. This problem is more prone in shared and managed WordPress hosting plans; however SiteGround’s flexibility was exactly up to the levels that we had been looking for. SSH support is available, and server configuration could be modified exactly as the customer demands. Also, support for wildcard SSL certificates is a common thing on SiteGround plans.

  1. Server Speed

The server speed happened to be blazing fast in most times. There are three datacenters placed across the world for better accessibility to websites – Netherlands, Chicago and Singapore. Regions are divided in USA, Europe and Asia Pacific for the most coverage. Depending on what customer base a website owner is targeting, they could pick the nearest data center while purchasing a subscription.

  1. Joomla and WordPress support

Managed WordPress hosting services often blame their inability to provide a service on Joomla; which will not be a case with SiteGround web hosting. Any trouble, if related with Joomla; will be taken care of by the Joomla experts sitting in the SiteGround offices. Joomla could be an issue in many website related troubles, but SiteGround doesn’t just pass the blame rather they actually work to make the thing better for the website owner.

  1. Customer Support

Customer support and care has been an issue with website hosting services. People like to rely on someone more expert than themselves while dealing with technical issues; and also during down-times the subscribers do surely love some legit statements and assistance from officials running the service. SelectedHosting blog posted an article about SiteGround customer support review and they explained it why it is best, do check out In all these criterions, SiteGround has received all As. The company provides customer support through hotline numbers, email, live chat and support ticket system. During the tests, most chats were done with a solution within 5 minutes. Only a very few turned into support tickets, and the phone calls mostly solved the problem instantly.

  1. Anti-hacking Monitoring Status for Websites

SiteGround has a built-in tool named SiteGround Hack Alert Monitoring – the sole responsibility of this tool is to check for intrusions to web servers and in case of one, notifying the user of a potential breach is also in the objectives list of SiteGround. Whenever irregular file behavior patterns are detected on-site, the tool will take measures.


Here are 5 points that we love about SiteGround hosting. If the feeling is mutual, you could consider SiteGround as your next hosting option.

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