Evolution of Graphics and Latest Technology in Gaming

Computer graphics have come a long way till today. Basically, the trend of graphical gaming began a long way back, almost three and a half decade ago. 1980s is the time when it all begun, Ultima Underground’s era was the golden time when graphics in gaming were kind of neglected, yet that was a wonder back in that time. Silicon graphics chips were designed to basically work on computer workstations, not exactly for gaming but users who bought them eventually put them into gaming purpose. Comparing graphics from then with now will be highly ridiculous as there’s no resemblance at all, PC gaming has taken a huge leap that even the inventors won’t be able to keep track of such rapid innovations.

evolition of graphics technology

Gaming was all about some movement of floating box like element, barely rendered and far away from resembling any real object. Everything was merely real, more like symbolic expression made gaming kind of weird yet that worked thirty years ago. Gaming now simply blows the gamers away, and at times it’s difficult to distinguish whether the graphics shown is an artificially animated element or a real thing shot by a camera. Though not all games are like this, there happens to be different genres as well. Online games that belong in the casino games category cab be played at Mansion Casino, or recent strategy online gaming like Clash of Clans, League of Legends are intentionally made artificial like. These games are online and don’t take much of computer hardware resources, where the 3D HD games like Far Cry or recently released GTA V for PC require some very high graphics chips.

Bleeding edge versus bleeding awful – this would be a perfect statement to define today’s gaming vs. gaming from an ancient (!) age. From third person games like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and Battlefield to strategy games like LOL, Clash of Clans, or Casino games like Roulette, Blackjack or maybe even the flash games from companies like Miniclip – all games are in the bleeding edge now. No matter how lightweight the graphical precision is – it is still enough to get the job done. But few decades ago, it was even difficult to make those awful shapes move in a game board with limited computing power and graphical configuration. Only three decades and computer gaming has seen such development, what are the future surprises that’s waiting for us?

Even though we can’t foresee the future, we can surely make assumptions. The wearable gadgets are popping up like some sci-fi movie plot, where turning any fantasy gadget is a reality. There happens to be few wearable that can create augmented reality, Samsung and even Microsoft is working hard to make these gadgets affordable and an easy to access technology. In near future, gaming would be taken to the augmented reality level and it would be taken off the computer displays, to our daily life scenarios. There are few test run cases right now, where the users are to play games in an augmented reality and this is going to be the mainstream gaming trend in near future, most likely.


PC gaming has come a long way ever since it begun. If only 30 years can show us so many levels of change, we can totally imagine what the next 30 years is going to bring.


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