Awesome New CSS3 Features

If you’ve discovered some new CSS3 features and are craving to know how to use them, you can, but only if you have browser capability of IE 9 or above. Latest browsers are compatible with some of the new features, and you can now use them. So, here is what the new browsers can enable […]

Tech Tips for Non-Techies: Some Useful Tips on Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Gone are the days when making a few additions to your website required hiring a developer or a programmer with all the relevant experience. In fact, these days it is possible not only to tweak your website but with some basic knowledge, you can create your own website. This is attributable to the many YouTube […]

How to make the best web designs? Think before implementing

There are a lot of different ways and approaches to web designing. It is an art that requires careful consideration of various different parameters. The design that you have chosen for the website should be in tandem with the theme of the business. Even the best designs would fail to be of help, if they […]

Throw the self-help web design book away now

If you want a website which delivers on promise, engages visitors and offers a valued user experience as well as efficiently and effectively sells products and/or services you should throw away the self help book of web design right now. The web means business If you are the owner of a small to medium sized […]

Sequenced Guideline on SEO for a Web-Designer

Web Designers from all over the world start to design their website in order to earn some money from ads. But, to get to the position by reaching thousands of pure organic traffic, they should also follow a strategy to improve on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without the help of search engines, pages are nothing. […]

8 Things to consider while designing ecommerce website

ecommerce website theme

A website from where we can buy things is an ecommerce website. In simple language it is an electronic-commerce website. Basically it is online shopping website.  An ecommerce website should look attractive and must be easy to access by the customers. Choosing a good theme is the very first task and then adding some plugin […]