Why you should avoid GoDaddy Hosting and go with Bluehost

Presumably the best, biggest and oldest domain hosting company existing to date, Godaddy is a force to reckon with having been in existence since early 90’s. But biggest and oldest does not mean giving a raw deal. With recent announcements revealing their support of SOPA, Godaddy is headed for the gallows. For those with no clue what SOPA is all about, this is a legislative bill with the sole intension (or so we believe) of protecting copy right owners. But we are all aware that it’s a mere plan by the federal government to censor and take down websites devoid of a warrant or any form of known legal backing.  The bill allows them to act as such, regardless of whether the breach was deliberate or not, an example such as commenting on blogs with copyrighted material.

avoid godaddyMore reasons to leave GoDaddy and Join Bluehost

Godaddy horribly designed website is a total put off. With its extremely high trafficked interface camouflaged with the screaming colors and lustrous graphics, it rarely works and a real headache when trying to navigate through.

Leaving you no chance to just check what you want and leave, Godaddy never tires from putting you through its various offers that you are not interested in. If you compare the cost Godaddy may looks cheaper on first look but I am sure you will not look on that once you checked out Bluehost discount coupon from HostingDecisions. Its persistent pushing of their products and services is a real draw back for users looking to just subscribe for a domain and leave.

Why choose Bluehost over Godaddy; the Verdicts

To help you move cautiously we will concentrate on the various features the two hosting companies offer;

·        Hosting Features

With the price of the packages aside, Bluehost offers the best features on its basic plan compare to Godaddy. Bluehosts pro package plan gives the flexibility and various choices unlike the Godaddy’s Ultimate plan.

·        Usability

Bluehosts cPanel is fast, user-friendly and offers various options to choose from. The interface is quite easy to navigate through. With GoDaddy’s control panel, one will be frustrated considering the amount of traffic affecting its response. Also Godaddy’s script installer presents fewer applications compared to Bluehost Softaculous script installer which is more responsive and spontaneous.



  • Customer support

Bluehost has exceptional customer support service in the industry; this is evident in their efforts to integrate customer forums and uploading of visual tutorials in their site to offer detailed support whenever possible. Read more about it on http://hostingdecisions.com/  . With Godaddy, they hardly give timelines on how long they will take to resolve an issue. So out rightly Bluehost customer service is best, hence more reason to move out of Godaddy.

  • Performance

It is generally known that Godaddy hosting servers are slow due to high traffic heavily effecting on its uptime and speed. As for Bluehost, it is the exact opposite considering their huge investments to upgrade their servers.


Want to get the true value for your money, with good deals on packages, performance and exceptional customer service then Bluehost hosting is the way to go after leaving Godaddy. Bluehost host might be a little higher on the buck but you undoubtedly get what you pay for. As a parting shot, looking for a devoted hosting provider that will be there for the long haul with no limitations whatsoever as with Godaddy, truth be told, Bluehost is home for you.

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