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About WebmastersWall

Webmasterswall started in back 2012 by a coincidence. Me and my friend Rajesh was looking for domains on the Godaddy to start a website that are other than technology topics. Finally we come up with this domain name. I would like to highlight that only because of Rajesh Namase (Founder – Techlila Blog and my best friend ever who met me online ) this website is up and serving from our web space.

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Tushar (Man behind this blog)

I am Tushar. I have been running couple websites cum blogs from few years and those all are mostly based on the technology, gadgets, make money online etc topics. But these topics/niche are very saturated these days. Everyday there are several school children starting his/her technology or gadgets blog. I started this website especially to share useful information about SEO in webdesign niche, Graphics inspiration, HTML5, CSS, WordPress tweaks to make your site most attractive and similar topics.