Wireless Bluetooth Aluminum Keyboard for Google Nexus 7 Black Review

Do you want your keyboard soft and quiet? Are you looking for a thin external wireless keyboard? The 7” Wireless Bluetooth Aluminum Keyboard for Google Nexus 7 Black have all of these and more. You will surely love its thin floating button design. This design is exuding with natural fashion sense. There is no need for you to install any software. You just need to plug and play the keyboard. It is really that easy to install. It is small which makes carrying it easy and convenient. Do not miss this product for it can be the best for you!

wireless keyboard

Its features

  • Smooth surface with sleek and stylish design.
  • Communicate through Bluetooth wireless transmission.
  • Comes with a portable number pad which is exclusive for Bluetooth mobile and desktop computers.
  • Convenient with its thin profile.
  • Lightweight, thin and stylish.
  • Coupled with wireless Bluetooth physical keyboard that allows you to type fast.


Compatible with Google Nexus 7
Modulation System GFSK
Operating Voltage 3.0-5.0V
Working Current < 5.0mA
Standby Current <2.5mA
Sleeping Current <200uA
Charging Current ≥ 100mA
Standby Time 60 days
Charging Time 4-5 hours
Lithium Battery Capacity 160mA
Uninterrupted Working Time 55 hours
Lithium Battery Life 3 years
Key Life 5 million strokes
Operating Temperature -10℃-55℃
Bluetooth 3.0
Operating Distance 10 m
Dimensions 7.80 x 4.76 x 0.47″ / 19.8 x 12.1 x 1.2 cm (L x W x H)
Weight 8.85 oz / 251 g
Color Black (Silver side)

Out with the old, in with the new. Wired peripherals are no longer used these days. This wireless keyboard can be very useful if you are to deliver important presentation. Not only that, you can also use this keyboard if you are in the midst of dominating games online. Say goodbye to your bulky cords! They may clutter up your space! Wireless Bluetooth Aluminum Keyboard for Google Nexus 7 is a more intelligent option for you!

With this wireless keyboard, you can be sure that a wide range of space is being covered. You do not have to settle for 30 feet range in this keyboard. This is the whole point of wireless accessories isn’t it? What is even good is that you will still look fashionable with this wireless accessory. It has customizable hot keys. The long battery life is something that you can count on too. At least with this keyboard, you will be spared from the hassle of installing additional drivers. This is a step that you do not even have to deal with. Find more iteam on Tmart. There is no longer a need for installation. You will just need a USB port. This is crucial for the initial sync of the computer, mouse and keyboard.

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