The Curious case of the Missing Salary at the End of the Month – Know where your hard earned money is getting spent

One of the biggest headaches in almost everyone’s life is managing their personal finance. Everyone is absolutely aware of their income but it’s really difficult to track your expenses and properly manage your money. No matter how much you earn, at the end of the day everyone wonders, “Where is my money gone?” Research shows that apart from regular budgets, most of your money is spent on things that you purchase as a result of impulse buying.


There are ways so that you can put your money into something more important or simply for the future. If you wish to buy something in a store or online, then resist for another 10 days to see if you would still want to buy. If yes, then go for it or else you just saved some valuable money for future. Try it for a few days and it goes without saying that you will certainly improve your financial condition. In order to properly streamline and control your outgoing financial flow, use the Money View application. The application tracks your every expense and acts as your personal expense manager – so you can focus on making smart decisions to manage your personal finances, and take care of your monthly expenses in a better manner. So, why don’t you learn a little money management?

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