What is minimalist web design and ways to implement it yourself

There are different ways to design a website; the most effective and wide spread used design is the Minimalist web design. Most people use minimal web design without knowing they are using it. Minimal design focuses on designing a website taking only the basic elements into consideration, still preserving the purpose of the website. According to architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Minimal designs mean “less is more” and for designer Buckminster Fuller it is “doing more with less”.  It evolved as many of the designers were inspired by the various art movements around the globe.

What is minimalist web designThe minimalist web design tells you how to reduce the use design elements. So let us see what these design elements are and design principles.

Design elements: It is the fundamental unit that can be used for designing, for example Shape, line, color, space etc…

Design Principles: It is the basis set of rules or assumptions which are used in designing. These rules help you to establish the relationships between the different elements.

Main Focus:  Minimal web design does not make the design complex, by adding various textures, shapes, graphs, superfluous elements or color combinations; rather it focuses on typography, essential basic elements and the free space. The white space is considered more vital in an exact minimal design as it means more in the absence of other elements.

Why opt for minimalist design?

It is very simple and easy to load as it never uses so many elements that consume time. It makes use of fewer HTML elements, CSS rules, small images etc. It gives the user an improved performance. From a user point of view, it will be a great experience but when we consider the designers point, he will be struggling to subtract elements till they breaks.

Since it does not use any other design elements, which could distract the attention of the users, more prominence is given to the content. Better use of white space, font selections increases the readability of the content, thereby making it easy for the users to understand the content.

How to create Minimalistic Web Design

Deduct unnecessary elements: For this, you need have a better understanding about the purpose of the website you are designing, so that it will easy for you to figure out which design elements you have to use and which one to leave out. With this basic knowledge, you will find it much easier to support and help the visitors to attain their goal. Avoiding distracting buttons and images will also improve the efficiency of the website.

Subtract until the design breaks: You can continue subtracting elements until the design fails to deliver the purpose. At one point you can find that the design will break, here after you can decide to add elements again and find the apt space to place them so that the users can easily use them to navigate and reach the target.

Using white space: It is similar to known principle used in paintings. Effectively using the white space plays a vital role in minimalist designing.  The empty space can be used to give importance to the essential handpicked elements. Leaving spaces between elements gives a calm and great experience to the users. This smoothing touch is sure to attract the readers.

Emphasis on the included elements:  Extra care must be given to the elements that are included in the design, as you are including only a relatively small number of elements. You must be focused to work out even on the minute details of the remaining elements and find out how they can support the overall design to serve its purpose. You can make it easy by adding different colors, changing the size and form of various elements, combining different fonts, trying out new typography etc.

Colors in minimalist design: You can use any color in the design. It is generally believed that only a few colors are permitted in this kind of design, but the truth is that, you can use colors in variety of ways to implement interest to certain elements. It is advised to use colors with extreme care and keep the palette simple and minimal. It is found that you can produce much more impact on the users if you are using a single color for different elements such as logo, buttons etc…


These are the most important things that must be taken into consideration to make the minimalistic design perfect. More and more designers are moving towards the use of minimalist web design as it is simple and they can easily highlight the relevant elements. It may sound easy to subtract, but in reality it is very difficult to practice. Minimalist design makes it easy for the user to understand and reduces the risk of confusion. It is fast to develop as it does not contain any complicated graphics or design. The fans of minimalist design are growing larger and larger.

This Article is written by Satyakam Pradhan who is a tech geek and owns his web design site http://weengle.com/

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