Throw the self-help web design book away now

If you want a website which delivers on promise, engages visitors and offers a valued user experience as well as efficiently and effectively sells products and/or services you should throw away the self help book of web design right now.


The web means business

If you are the owner of a small to medium sized business, you need a website to survive and thrive in the 21st century. Take a look on the web and search for online businesses which operate in your chosen market or niche. Some stand out from the crowd, others are OK and some are dire in their graphics and overall content.

Which category would you prefer yours to fall in to?

A fortune in the making

The web is almost universal. Year on year sales of products and services continue to rise according to a recent report in the Retail Research Online organisation. According to their report some £45 billion will be spent online in the UK alone in 2014. If your website isn’t attracting visitors, engaging them when they arrive and selling to them, your share of this potential fortune will be negligible at best.

First impressions count

They shouldn’t but they do, and if your website fails to engage a visitor within the first five to ten seconds of their arrival, chances are you have lost that visitor for good. Statistically, that person on the other end will not return. They will move on and look for a website which fulfils all their basic needs as well as offers a neat visitor experience.

However, if your website is engaging, interesting, fresh and relevant they are more inclined to stay and look around, see what is going on and what the benefits to them are. They will not need to go on looking elsewhere.

However, your website also needs to be found among the hundreds of thousands which potentially operate in your chosen niche or market. Google and Bing are just a couple of the search engines web surfers use to locate products, services and more. If your website isn’t in the shop window of the search engine returns, you may as well not bother at all.

To make the most of your online presence, whether you are just starting out or currently have a web presence which isn’t performing to expectations, companies such as the one here at fit the bill.

They can enable the following to happen:

  • Make first impressions count
  • Increase visibility in search engine returns
  • Increase visitor traffic
  • Engage your targeted and fringe audience
  • Increase leads
  • Increase sales

They can do this all without the help of a manual which, let’s face it, is only making money for the author.

Throw the book away, consult someone who actually knows what they’re doing and watch the results for yourself.


Image credit: / Stuart Miles

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