Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Salesforce Data Loader

Salesforce has been awarded as the most innovative organization in the world by Forbes. This news is not at all a surprise to the individuals who are involved with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Here are some of the benefits of Salesforce for which it can be the chosen platform:

Manage Territories: Salesforce can manage different territories either the sales groups are small or big. Instead of using traditional spreadsheets, you can use CRM solutions for tracking and monitoring whatever you want to. It can save your resources and time that can be managed with small or large team of sales.

  • Lead processing and territories can be managed with improved salesforce automation
  • Better integrity and efficiency can be achieved and can prevent calls from multiple people from the same organization
  • Leads can easily be assigned to different users through various parameters that can be helpful in customizing your business needs.
  • Email notifications can help the sales people to keep a continuous follow up with prospects and customers

Sales Forecasting Methods: A proper CRM system helps to track and forecast sales. For forecasting purpose, the salesforce CRM can do things like

  • Calculate difference between recurring and booked revenues so that they can be divided clearly.
  • Use all information collected from the sales team for calculation based forecasting
  • Forecasting can be based on customizable parameters for providing sense in your business.

Manage Orders: The CRM salesforce also helps in managing the orders through end to end customer relationships. Starting from the engagement with your client for the first time and placing orders, the entire process can be managed through:

  • Automated and customized reports
  • Customer intelligence which can be considered as the most essential component of your business
  • Turn estimates into orders with single click.

Manage Opportunities And Track Competition: If you want to manage competition in the proper way, you can visit In today’s world of competition, you will be at a loss if you miss a single opportunity. So managing opportunities can be a very essential activity and can be done through Salesforce CRM:

  • Opportunities should be diligently followed up through in-built tools
  • Fast responses should be provided to the clients who feel interested with your business and possess some enquiries regarding that.
  • Keep a close eye in the market whether your competitors are providing any discounts or offers to their clients.
  • Compare with your competitors about the deals which are won or lost by your organization and try to find out the reasons behind it.

Here are some drawbacks of the Salesforce CRM that cannot be avoided:

  • Some users may face difficulty in transacting through this platform as he will have to come across for multiple screens for processing the transaction.
  • Customization can create daunting tools sometimes which can be distracting or repetitive in nature.
  • In this process of automation, users may lose the traditional personal touch between the sales representatives and customers
  • There can be various barriers in adapting to salesforce CRM. Though the platform itself is cheap, the process of redesigning the IT structure and application can be costlier.

Though there are few limitations, the Salesforce CRM can truly help in meeting your business needs. As the solution provides you with a clear view of reports and analytics, you can display a 360 degree view on your clients. You can carry out your business uninterruptedly by interacting with account management team, sales team and technical team and can gain easy integration between different departments through this particular platform.

Darren Lawson is a well known Salesforce agent. In this article, he is discussing both the benefits and limitations of using Salesforce in your business. To know more, just log in to get further details.

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