Top 4 Gaming Laptops You Should Check in 2015

Nowadays, Laptop are becoming much popular, even making it doubtful that regular Desktop computers may be vanished from the technology world in a few years. Still, people seem to be following high-configuration gaming desktop PCs, even without considering the wide range of laptops and notebooks, available in our market. Even though there are some giants such as Dell Laptops, commonly known under the ‘Alienware’ label, which, of course, designed for people, who are passionate about PC Gaming, normal PC manufacturers are also marketing their gaming-oriented laptop computing devices, accompanied by a truly reasonable price range. Here, we will have a look onto top laptops, available in the market that comes with in-built support for high-end gaming. Indeed, these devices can make an astonishing effect on your gaming experience.

Asus G75VWDH72

Asus G75VWDH72

This is the first warrior in our list from Asus, one of the top personal computer manufacturers of our technology world. As you can guess, Asus G75VWDH72 comes with an almost high budget of around $1900. On top of all, the device boasts an i7 Quad-Core processor from Intel, included in Ivy Bridge series of 3rd generation processors. Apparently, the processor, with power of 2.4 GHz, can support your heavy gaming activities, especially when combined with the Random Access Memory of 16 Gigabytes. For emphasizing the graphics section, Asus has included Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M as the backbone of device, which makes a great combination with specifications, mentioned above. For powering on the visual impact, there is a 1080p HD Display along with Windows 8 as operating system. Enhancing the multi-purpose property, a Blu-ray drive is also present in the device.

Samsung Series 7 Gamer


If you are a lover of Samsung laptops, you can go with this laptop, which bears almost the same budget of former device. Just like the formerly mentioned device, Samsung Series 7 Gamer also does boast an Intel core i7 processor, which is expected to provide you high-end performance for gamers. The processor has a processing power of 2.3 GHz, accompanied by 16 GB of RAM and 1.5TB storage, which can help you in storing all your favourite games in device. This device is also making use of GTX 675M graphics card, from Nvidia GeForce series. Some features such as Wi-Di connectivity, solid battery life, Blu-ray connectivity, superb display quality etc are enhancing the value of this device. Obviously, Samsung Series 7 Gamer is one of the best economy-priced gaming laptop you can find.

Alienware M17x R4


We know that the list would not become complete, if we miss Alienware. As most of you know, Alienware is the special series of Dell Laptops, which are dedicated for Gamers and technology professional, who need high-end-configuration environment to work. Like others in the series, Alienware M17x R4 also comes with a high budget of around $2600. As the series is Alienware, we do not need to elaborate more about the device. The device consists of an Ivy Bridge processor, Blu-ray connectivity; 3D support, HDMI support, large screen etc are the trump cards of the device, to beat rivals in market. However, the less battery life of the device is a drawback, especially when we are spending this much.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500


It seems like Lenovo is also stepping up to the world of Gaming computers, by means of their popular series, IdeaPad. Just as the devices mentioned here, Intel Core i7 Processor along with 16GB of RAM also powers this high-end laptop. The device uses Nvidia GeForce GTX 675M for enhancing the graphics side whereas 1TB of storage space. Reading all these specifications together, Lenovo IdeaPad T500 is one of the best gaming laptop you can get, especially when considering the price tag of $1250.

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