Tips for Choosing Best Unusual Printer

Nowadays, use of printers does not limit in taking printouts of your documents but it extends to do various tasks such as sticker printing, graphics printing as well as photo printing, used by thousands in offices and homes. As you know, number of manufacturers and products are also increasing day by day, lengthening the product list, containing printers from various categories, in a drastic manner. Therefore, usually, you will face a small but significant word of doubt when you are about to choose a printer for you, especially the purpose is heavy-mode printing such as graphics and photographs. Here, we can give you some tips, you should surely consider, while purchasing such a printer for your home or office. Hope these can help those, for who productivity is concerned. We will start with two of major categories in printers.

best color printer

Inkjet or Laser

As most of you know, Inkjet and Laser printers are the prominent categories in printer world, where almost everyone is stuck, not able to decide, as both of them have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. Talking about inkjet printers, they have good ability to take printout of documents or media such as essays, glossy photographs, pie charts, high-end graphics etc. However, you can find out that less quality of text printed using inkjet printers. On the other hand, in the case of laser jet printers, they can perform very well in office works, due to the high quality of text content. Still, some problems such as the low quality in graphics, high price tag of toners etc should be also considered, especially when you want to use that printer for bulk purposes, when you will have hundreds of photographs or graphics to print. We should also mention that the price tag of colour laser printers is also a bit expensive. As far as the affordability and quality is concerned, you should put Inkjet printer in your cart.

Duty Cycle Matters

You should have a deep look into the expected duty cycle of your photo-printer, as it makes a lot sense when choosing the printer. You should never change your decision because the product is a bit expensive because a low-cost alternative would not be able to accomplish all your required tasks. Hence, no matter the price is, you should check take duty cycle into account, at least two times. In addition, we hope that, when it comes to photo and graphics printers, duty cycle is much high than the usual one and you need to go for the printer, which has highest performance and sustainability in managing tasks, quickly and easily.

Try Snapshot Printers Too

There is no specific rule that only heavy printers can take good printouts of your photograph media or stickers and other images etc. In that sense, you should keep an eye on Snapshot printers as well, as they can do the job very well, without messing up wires and connection diagrams. Instead of that famous job of connecting your printer to PC, you can simply insert various removable media storages such as SD Card, USB or even your camera, to the printer in order to take the printout quite easily. Various choices are available on snapshot ones, meeting various budgets. In the low cost mode and high-cost mode, you will get features such as basic image editing and high-end image editing abilities respectively. Even though such printers may produce a noticeable amount of waste after printing, you may go with Snapshot printers if you love compactness and fewer wires.

Include a Display

Display in printer

Unlike usual office document printer, when it comes to photo and graphics printers, you might have to edit your documents (here, graphics or images) even after hitting print, especially if you have merely hit that print short key from your camera or PC. As far as the mentioned purpose is concerned, it is a good decision to buy a printer, which consists of a screen, for displaying your documents as well as editing abilities. Though such printers may be accompanied by a comparatively higher price tag, you will not have to curse this decision, as the mentioned screen can help you in resizing your graphics or photos, adding some creative skills (if you have bought a printer with touch-screen panel), etc in a truly easy manner. You can also make use of some mobile-device dedicated services, which allow us to print directly from our tablet PC or Smartphone, when it is necessary to make final edits in print.

Go For Full-Fledged Inkjet If…

Full-Fledged Inkjet

We already mentioned that inkjet printers could do well, especially when considering its affordability as well as quality of photographs. Nevertheless, you should not go for a normal inkjet printer in all cases, as you might want to take printout of other documents as well. Instead, you should go for a fully-fledged inkjet printer, making use of photo inks including light gray, light cyan, light magenta etc along with usual four inks (cyan, yellow, magenta, black), because such devices can give provide you an exceptional quality as well as stability while taking printouts. With such devices, you will also get some abilities for integrating your media devices for easier photo and graphics printing.

Networking Abilities

networking abilities

You should also consider networking abilities of your printer, albeit the fact that might be using it just for printer. However, when you want to share your work and expand your office or home with multiple computers, you can surely make use of networking abilities of your printer. For instance, at least now, you should give priority to Wi-Fi than USB because wireless networking solutions are very useful when you love fewer wires. Hence, along with duty cycle and performance, you should also take networking abilities to account.


Hope the above tips can help you in choosing your ‘unusual’ printer, which can be used for multiple purposes such as photo and graphics printer. These printers can also work well in sticker printing, which is a simple process. However, do let know if you have any other effective tips in buying the best photo and media printer.

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