The Best Game Designing Schools Listed

Game design has evolved into a vibrant industry with even more promising prospects. Having a passion for game designing will not be enough if you want to start a career in the game design. You will need training, below are some of the best game designing schools.


University of Utah
For game design enthusiasts, the relevant degree programs offered at the University of Utah emphasize on entertainment and engineering arts. The engineering program emphasizes on tools involved in game designing, while the arts looks on the more artistic and yet technical aspects.

University of Southern California
This University offers a Video Game Design & Management program, an interdisciplinary academic program that will help you gain practical skills required in game industry.

DigiPen Institute of Technology (DIT)
DIT offers you a Bachelor of Science program which is meant to prepare you to become hybrid designers combined with strong programming skills. Here, you will get a multiplicity of skills including artificial intelligence, game play and user interface programming.

Rochester Institute of Technology
This school offers you several game design programs. It will give you a broad-based education in computing and games development processes.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Although there is no formal game design program, you can still create your own program of study with the help of the acclaimed MIT Game Lab.

Drexel University
Here, game designing does not exist as part of a single department but rather it’s mirrored like in commercial settings.

 Shawnee State University
Shawnee State University offers you a program that is divided into art and science of making games. Bachelor of Fine Arts program you will be taught the art of making games, while Bachelor of Science program will teach the science of making game.

The Art Institute of Vancouver
Here, you are offered a Game Art & Design Diploma Program with a commitment to provide graduates with apt skills required of a career in the game design industry. They also build a foundation of game design skills and will also provide you with hands on training.

 Michigan State University
Here you will get interdisciplinary specialization in Game Design and Development. This program was launched back in 2005.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Here you are offered a Bachelor of Science in Games & Simulation degree. This program is designed to provide you with a set of integrated skills that will give you a cutting edge in the field of game design.

Game design being a fairly new industry, in the whole one requires sampling of a number of schools such as the ones listed above to get a feel of what actually fits their immediate and future interests. Other considerations like location and cost notwithstanding, a good game design school should have a gaming lab, a multiplicity of skills to be impacted and a cross range of tools to enable one fit in easily into a competitive industry. In whole, your preparedness, passion and eagerness to be the top cream in the industry is what counts.

Charles Walker is a Lead ICT Consultant with over fourteen years in Information Technology. To gain some more insight on some of the best game design schools please visit his website.

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