Reasons to Host a Website with SiteGround Hosting

Host a Website with SiteGround Hosting

Settling down on a new web hosting company’s plan is tough, at least that’s what it seems like in the beginning. Many new website owners end up falling for the wrong company’s hosting promotion, and they regret soon enough. We have tried out the website hosting companies with lesser number of customer complains to really […]

Bluehost vs. HostGator for WordPress: The Better One

WordPress hosting is probably the easiest way to host a website these days, as there isn’t any need for manually setting up a whole website. No coding or scripting is required, is more like setting up an email account with little more expertise. But, WordPress support isn’t enormous in all web hosting servers – Bluehost […]

Why you should avoid GoDaddy Hosting and go with Bluehost

Presumably the best, biggest and oldest domain hosting company existing to date, Godaddy is a force to reckon with having been in existence since early 90’s. But biggest and oldest does not mean giving a raw deal. With recent announcements revealing their support of SOPA, Godaddy is headed for the gallows. For those with no […]