Sequenced Guideline on SEO for a Web-Designer

Web Designers from all over the world start to design their website in order to earn some money from ads. But, to get to the position by reaching thousands of pure organic traffic, they should also follow a strategy to improve on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without the help of search engines, pages are nothing. If they don’t get on pages of searches, then it’s useless to create a website that doesn’t appear on your searches. That’s why SEO is pretty much important. But, most people fail to learn the guidelines and they make the same mistakes over and over again. That’s why we’ve come up to help you if you’re one of them or you plan to start your journey towards money making as a web designer.

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We have divided this tutorial of SEO tools management to help you learn the platform easily. There are 3parts and each part contains most important sections. So, let’s start.

1.     Entire Website SEO

Firstly, you’ve to take care of your entire website and its functionality.

Ease of Access

  • When the search engine can’t find the page somehow, then it becomes useless to get it indexed. There’s no way that you can make things work. You have to ensure if any page or files are blocking your other pages or else your important pages might be missing getting indexed.
    Pages that contain private or confidential data shouldn’t be indexed. In addition to that, if you’ve incomplete pages, then you should try to block them.
  • You can help the search engines to work on pagination by providing particular tags like rel=”next” & rel=”prev”.
  • If you want to get more PageRank then implement the idea of redirecting to 301 instead of 302
  •  Make your site available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian and other mobile and tablet devices so that it can be accessed from all of the devices.
  • Websites that takes a lot of time to load generate less revenue – a survey has shown. So, make sure your website is fast enough for low-speed connections too.
  • Try to avoid 404 errors as much as possible and better decrease them to a minimum level.
  • Look for any copied contents using Google Webmaster Tools so that your contents remain unique. Redirect them using 301-redirect.

Structures of URL

  • When you’re not sure whether to use www or non-www, make sure you use Automatic URL rewriting. Or else, choose any one of it.
  • If you’re running a local business, then consider buying domain based on country for better page ranking.
  • When you redirect to a page, make sure to use URLs’ in extended manner by describing them rather than using arbitrary numbers.
  • When you need to separate the words in a URL, use hyphens.

Mapping Site

  • HTML Sitemap: It’s the most common sitemap helpful for both search engines and visitors. You can define your site structure by using this sitemap
  • XML Sitemap: Search Engines can only find this sitemap. It helps you to add metadata and they can help you to submit the contents of the pages. But, make sure your links don’t cross the limitation of 50,000.
  • Image Sitemap: Google Images pays you higher rank for using this sitemap and your images can be viewed a lot faster and in easier way.
  • Video Sitemap: It can help you create creatively rich snippets on the pages you own.

seo pr2.     Per Page SEO Techniques

This guideline will follow you through per pages, what you need to on each page for SEO.

Keyword Research

  • Ensure to put one keyboard for each page and it should emphasize on the single keyword effectively
  • Keyword Researching is not difficult when you know how to put things in place and search for the keywords that possess maximum traffic.
  • If possible, try to include keyword in the URL
  • Title attracts the readers mostly, so try to use exact keywords that take its place in the title or in the beginning of the page.
  • Try to impost the keywords on headings and based on the content, try to spin the keyword as much as possible using synonyms and put much effort in it.

Page Contents

  • Title should not exceed 70 characters.
  • Try to show uniqueness when you provide any content, because most of time visitors get bored seeing the same content over and over again.
  • You can use translated page to help fixing language problems in your website.
  • Always try to post new contents with unique features as Search Engines tend to like them and be sure about the size of the contents. High quality contents should pass at least 300 words mark.

page content SEO


  • Always try to give your images distinctive names other than sporadic words.
  • Use short description with alt-tag for your images
  •  Try to keep the resolution small as higher resolution takes much time to load.

Enable Local Search

  • Try to use location within the title of the page or URL
  • If your business contain more chained phased, be sure to make each link to separate the pages with URL for each of the desired location.
  • Try to make a Google Plus pages for your local business.


  • Containing a resolution of minimum 200 x 200 pixels, make sure to use an attractive thumbnail.
  • Try to use a short description for your content and tag the URL by using the tool from Google URL builder.

Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

  • Try to add the information of author to your page.
  • Improving your Click-Through Rate vastly depends on rich snippets. So, try to provide them as much as possible.
  • Try to manipulate the page description by adding a tag for meta-description.

3.     Off-Shore SEO techniques

These techniques rely on the other parts exceeding the original website.

  • Check for multiple domain links and acquire them.
  • Links which contain spam messages should be avoided at all cost because they decrease your page rank.
  • Try text anchoring and use keywords in them. Ensure to put a normal profile so that the viewers get a positive idea.

page rank SEO techniques

These tips won’t only help you building a nice, error-free website but also guide you if you face any problem and you can easily dominate on SEO.


  1. Webdesigners use hell lot of images with their posts. So adding the alt tages with the images will be best and easy option. RIght?
    Rahul recently posted…Search Engine Marketing Tips: Follow Them to the Hilt for Online Business SuccessMy Profile

    • Yes Rahul.

      Agree with you. There are some WordPress plugins which also use the file name as the alt text. You can try them. 🙂

      Anyways thanks for the comment.


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