Secure Online Documents: The 4 Industries that Need it Most

Gone are the days of paper clips, paper weights and paper cuts. From scanners to emails and smart phones to cloud computing, technology is an unstoppable juggernaut, continuing to revolutionise the way we live and work and making paper documents an obsolete remnant of the past. The business world has particularly welcomed such advancements as time and cost-cutting measures designed to increase productivity and ultimately, profits. Yet with the benefits comes the shortcomings. Hackers, scams and viruses all threaten the online way of life, having devastating consequences for everyday professionals and the clients that depend upon them. Read on to discover the four professions that are highly reliant on online security nowadays.

online docsFinancial firms

Auditors, tax consultants, restructuring specialists and risk advisors; financial firms provide a wide array of services to many different business across many different fields. One thing remains consistent, however; materially sensitive documents such as balance sheets, tax returns, trust deeds, share portfolios and leases are all handled frequently and in the utmost confidence. The loss or theft of valuable information would be extremely damaging to a firm’s reputation and therefore, strict policies and information security are enforced at the highest level.


Similar to financial firms, lawyers and barristers regularly deal with confidential information pertaining to clients and cases, including wills and power of attorney documents. Some legal matters receive nationwide attention and scrutiny and due to the inflammatory and prejudicial nature of social media outlets, the need for an unbiased jury is becoming more and more relevant. The possible leaking of information would be extremely detrimental and could potentially conjure up accusations of negligence and misconduct for those involved.

Medical Practices

In your doctor’s computer system lays your entire medical history; every single vaccination, prescription and test result, not to mention detailed notes and other relevant personal information. Privacy laws require that this information is kept safe and it is the onus of the medical practitioner to provide this secure environment. Accessing patient records without authority can lead to real repercussions for both employees and employers, including fines and dismissal; online safeguards and educational training should therefore be implemented as a deterrent. Check New Jersey medical billing company website.

Personal Assistants

What do celebrities, CEOs, sports stars and managers all have in common? That’s right, the indispensable personal assistant. This proverbial Jack-of-all-trades can manage anything from travel bookings to dry cleaning, being privy to a veritable horde of private information along the way. As a right hand, personal assistants are expected to be trustworthy, careful and reliable; when mistakes are made, vital professional and personal information can be lost quite easily and fall into the wrong hands.

As the need for online security becomes more and more pertinent, developers and security specialists such as work to find effective solutions. The Australian business has launched a new product that guarantees a high level of security, aiming to provide a safe and easily accessible storage system for professionals and individuals with a high volume of sensitive documents.

Do you work in one of these industries? What defence measures does your organisation use? Have you had a nightmare experience? Share your thoughts by commenting in the section below.

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