How to present using an iPhone

As well as being a super-fun gadget for the regular gizmo-lover, iPhones are increasingly becoming an essential part of our business toolkit.

Possessing all the standard features, such as push emails, Wi-Fi printing, cloud-based storage and managing your diary, Apple’s favourite handset is totally fitting for busy workers on-the-move.

One of the little-known tools, however, is the iPhone and iPads amazing ability to create kick-ass presentations from anywhere!

Here’s a quick run-down of what you need to wow your audience:

Make the most of your apps

Working everywhere from the train to the office is a doddle as long as you have the right app in your palm. Keynote is the iOSequivalent of Microsoft PowerPoint and boasts a whole host of features to hold their attention from the first slide to the last.

From here, you can create slides, edit text and insert multimedia – and evenanimateyour presentation too. A user-friendly interface means that even the smallest screens can handle the biggest presentation, and because it is saved to iCloud, there’s no danger of undoing all of your hard work if your mobile gets lost or stolen on route. Download from the App Store here.

Displaying your data

If the core of your presentation is centred on important data, making it visually compelling will be your greatest challenge. Thankfully, the Ios software provided by ShinobiControls is designed to make data come to life – whether it is static or real-time.  By allowing users to manipulate colours, themes, graph types and more, making your data more interactive, interesting and relevant to the audience is as easy as pie.

Making an impact on the big screen

Once you’re standing there, suit on, presentation pointer in-hand, it’s time to test your iPhone-prepared presentation on the big screen.

If you’re using a projector and screen, arm yourself with a VGA adaptor, which is easily available online. If you need a bit of help setting it up, watch this quick video demonstration.

Alternatively, boardroom televisions can be connected to your iPhone via an A/V adaptor. They aren’t so useful if you need to switch between both sides of the screen but are useful enough if you’ll be seated while talking through your slides.

But if it’s wireless connectivity you crave, make sure your presentation venue is the proud owner of an Apple TV. Enabling you to project anything from your Apple device to your TV, it will certainly earn its price tag if your office is investing in its business environment. Find out more information about the device here.


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