Understanding the Software-Defined Network

The software-defined network (SDN) is one of the hottest topics in IT today. It’s also one of the most difficult concepts to pin down. The technology has great promise for cloud environments because it’s agile, programmable, centrally managed and based on open standards. It also presents new issues regarding Virtualization Security for today’s network administrators. […]

Google Wallet prepaid debit card

As said by the company, Google is soon going to offer a new prepaid debit card that is going to allow its customers to buy goods from the retail shops as well as withdrawing money from ATM machines. The card is only going to work in United States and the customers can access their funds […]

What You Need To Know About Texas Electricity Rates

Texas residents have an array of choices when it comes to electricity services. Navigating through the deregulated market can sometimes be quite overwhelming. To understand how the whole system operates, it is important to be equipped with relevant information touching on the same. You need to understand different types of electric plans and contract terms. […]

Experience the Fun of Creating PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint templates are blueprints or patterns of a slide or a number of slides that are saved by you as a .potx file. PowerPoint templates comprise layouts, background styles, theme fonts, theme colors, theme effects, and also, content. One may create his own custom templates, store the customized templates, reuse them and even consider sharing […]

What Should You Keep in Mind to Have a Career in Oracle/DBA?

Oracle is considered as the most complicated database in the world. A lot of training goes into mastering this database and only experience can help you becoming an expert Oracle professional. Oracle ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), computer applications and other enterprise applications are used by big businesses. As an Oracle DBA […]

How Does Google Nexus 9 Fare Compared to Other Tablets?

The Google Nexus 9 continues to be a popular tablet in 2014. 8.9 – inch slate is an adversary of Apple iPad Air2 as well as Fire HDX8.9 of Amazon. It has all the characteristics of high-end tablet, though it might not top the list. Instead of padding itself with flashy and trendy features to […]