5 Android Smartphone AntiVirus Apps That You Must Try

A few years back, nobody would have wondered about the need of an antivirus software on mobile phones. However, as the line between computers and smartphones has been blurring, there are many threats to your personal information and software. Adware, malware, identity thefts and spam are only some threats. There is however no need to […]

What Internet Speeds Mean in Relation to How You Use the Internet

A few years ago the only real activities you did online were check your email and perform general Internet searches. However, there are far more services and features online now than ever before, all of which require different connection speeds. However, when you look to sign up for an Internet plans you are going to […]

How to get royalty free images for websites: Depositphotos

What is your source for getting relevant images for your blog posts or web based projects? If your answer is Google Image Search, I guess a copyright issue will sue you very soon. Even if you do not mind those issues, image search cannot give you suitable images in most of cases. In this situation, […]

What Information Does the NSA Collect?

In recent weeks, outrage has poured out toward the federal government as an individual leaked information about how the NSA, or National Security Administration, has been secretly looking into social media accounts, Internet history and other data of specific individuals, without letting the different people know. While the government has been ‘spying’ on individuals essentially […]

Learn about ADSL2 and why it is getting cheaper

Internet connectivity has become such a major part of people‚Äôs lives. To a certain extent, it can probably even be said that it has taken up a major portion of their lives and preoccupations. The speed of the Internet connection, the very quality of that connection, and similar concerns are now among the things that […]