Making the most of SaaS

If you use software or digital services, the chances are you have fallen under an SaaS agreement. It is something that is highly common in today’s world, even if you are not aware of it.


SaaS agreements are crucial for businesses. If you rely on certain software, it dictates the rights you have and what you can and cannot do, especially when the product in question doesn’t work the way it is meant to.

Fortunately, the likes of escrow can add further reassurance, yet it is still crucial to understand what SaaS is, how it benefits you and how such escrow services add extra layers of security.

What is it?

SaaS – Software as a Service – defines the interaction between you, the user and the software provider. In short, you only lease the product from the provider.

This means you can’t access the source code to maintain the product, yet neither is it your duty to do so. Since the provider still owns that right, they have a legal obligation – outlined in the SaaS agreement – to ensure a working product for you.

If they fail to do so, the SaaS or end user agreement is essentially void and you could have strong grounds to claim the source code – the argument being that, since they no longer provide the service, you are entitled to the actual product. Of course, such companies will not want to give up the intellectual property so easily, so the SaaS is often seen as commitment for such providers to maintain a working product.


The main benefit of this is that it leaves the duty of fixing the software to someone else, so you don’t drain resources and time on the matter. Yet it also encourages the provider to do so, with the threat of losing their code being key motivation.

Yet, even if they fail, having the legal power to obtain the code puts the power in your hands. Once you have it, your technicians and IT department should be able to do this duty for the company, giving you direct control over the important software.

Further protection

However, arguing the legal side of such matters can take time and effort, which can lead to a lack of productivity and success in the mean time.

Fortunately, SaaS escrow provides a neutral account to hold the code in, with an agency legally powered to distribute it where relevant, making for quick results. Such services are available from the likes of NCC Group and further motivate the provider to not let you down.

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