Making A Tutorial Video Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read This To Find Out How!

There is no better way to share your knowledge and expertise with others than making your own training videos and sharing them over the Internet. This way you can help others hone their skills in any field, and also establish yourself as an expert for a particular niche at the same time. To be a video tutorial star, however, your video guides need to be professional looking, appealing, and clear. You simply need best quality video tutorials to reach out to your viewers and strike a chord with them. There is no way you can do this with mediocre quality tutorials.

How can you make top notch training videos then? Here’s exactly what you need: Movavi Screen Capture Studio, which is a first hand program for creating impeccable video based lessons, tutorials, and video blog posts. The software smoothly combines a supreme and easy to use video editor with a multipurpose screen video capture program and an application for quick online sharing.

Let us discuss how to make a training video with Movavi in simple steps.

Note: before performing the steps mentioned below, you need to download and install Movavi Screen Capture Studio by carrying out the installation process successfully.

1. Capture your webcam video: if you want to record yourself on a webcam, you can just capture the webcam video. Locate the Movavi Screen Capture Studio folder, and use Movavi Video Editor. Go to the main panel and open the capture module by clicking the Capture Video icon. This detects the built-in camera automatically. In case you are utilizing an external webcam, make sure to connect it to your PC first.


The preview window displays you. Find the best angle by adjusting the camera, and then click the Start Capture icon. Click the Stop Capture icon and the Done icon to complete recording. Then, the file gets saved to the default Movavi Library folder by default; it can be added to the Video Editor if you want to do further editing.


2. Capture a screen: adjust the capture frame to capture the desired elements of the screen or just select the full screen mode. Use the built-in sound and visual effects to highlight the clicks and cursor, or capture keyboard actions for more comprehensive video. Click the REC button or press the F10 key on the keyboard. Press the F10 key again to stop capturing.


3. Edit the footage: click the Edit button to switch to the Video Editor. Use Auto Filter to enhance the video quality. Trim, cut, split, and merge your files. Apply special effects, add background music, record your voice, use animated transitions, and add some instructional text to your training video.


4. Add titles and record a voiceover: click the Titles button, and select the desired caption style. Drop the selected style on to the Title track on the timeline. Double click the frame in the preview window to enter the caption or title. Change the color, font, and size to expand the title settings menu.


Return to the main page by clicking the Import button, and then click Record Audio. Click the Start recording button to simultaneously record the new audio track and video playing in the preview window. Click Stop recording when you have captured the voiceover.


5. Save and export the tutorial: go to the Save Movie menu, and select among various options—Save for Mobile Device, Save as Video File, Upload to the Web, or Burn to DVD. Select the desired format present, and click Save. For sharing your video online, choose the last option. Select among Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo, then a resolution preset, and click Save. Finally click Upload to share the video online.



Superb quality training videos ready made in some extremely easy steps. What more could you ask for? Get Movavi Screen Capture Studio now.

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