LG g2 Smart Phones -Important things to know

Recently LG launched its new G2 smartphone in the Indian market and thus introduced a powerful cellular gadget in the competitive smartphone race. The smartphone has a powerful chipset, a very unique operating system, awesome screen and an extraordinary camera. Undoubtedly, LG G2 has fascinated us, especially in terms of design. The major change in the design is the position of power as well as volume keys which are placed at the backside of the phone instead of left or right side as it happens in traditional design. Here we are going to tell you about few important features that you should know about the new LG G2.

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At the first look the phone looks similar to Samsung Galaxy S4. However on looking closely we can spot few differences between the two. LG G2 have 5.2 inch screen with 1920X1080p display which makes the image quality very clear and crisp. However, G2’s display seemed a little bit dim on comparing it with HTC ONE and Galaxy S4. One more drawback in the screen is its narrower viewing angle. We can also observe some glare in the screen.

Operating System and Interface

LG has installed the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean in G2. LG has also provided many options using which you can customize it according to your usage. The notification bar in G2 shows the incoming messages and updates. It also provides few options to modify your settings which are studded in a toolbar at the top of the bar. Overall the interface of LG G2 is easy and clean.


LG G2 is the very first cell phone to have Qualcomm’s most recent Snapdragon 800 processor. Making use of four cores clocked at 2 .26GHz apiece, LG G2 very well flies through whatever you toss at it. Even navigation around the UI is quite amazing and it is certainly the fastest android phone available in the present market.


The dual Hi-If sound speakers were unable to impress in comparison with Galaxy S4 and HTC one’s speakers. In our opinion the sound seemed poor as well as flat. There is hardly any part of an equalizer incorporated in the G2’s audio speakers, as a result the vocals and instrumentals sounded toneless and mixed with each other.


The 13 MP camera incorporated in LG G2 is able to capture sharp and beautiful pictures. Even on zooming and then capturing the picture with G2’s camera the image suffers least amount of noise. While capturing in low-light conditions, the G2 was able to capture clear and bright photograph. Few other camera features provided by LG are Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and dual recording mode. The camera is also capable of 1080p HD recording. Overall the LG G2 has a very strong and amazing camera which is able to take very fine and crisp pictures in all type of light conditions.

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After using G2 for a short period of time, it was clear that it is an extremely capable smartphone which could stand neck-and-neck with any kind of top-end smartphone out in the market. Its unusual design is pretty good as well as do not affect overall performance of the phone, even though it really does not contribute very much worth to the usage. Samsung offers same specifications in its smartphone which is priced a bit more than G2. LG G2 no doubt is a very good phone and the best phone LG has released till date. But still it is a hard phone to recommend.

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