HTML5 And CSS the two horses of your designing race

When we are talking of web design, we have a lot of different points to look out for. The art of web designing involves both technical as well as creative aspects. In order to excel as a web designer, you must have sound knowledge of both HTML5 as well as CSS as they are the main tools that would help you in designing pages with precision and accuracy.

html 5 and css

Exploring HTML 5

HTML5 has become the new standard as there are a lot of different advanced features and functions which you can use for the sake of designing the web pages. You can use the different tags like <i>, <b>, <h ref>, <img src> and so on for the sake of adding static as well as dynamic elements in the form.

There have been a lot of versions of HTML that have been launched and so far, HTML 5 has been appreciated by designers all over the globe. Along with HTML, it is CSS that gives the look and feel to the web pages.

The Use Of CSS

CSS stands for cascading style sheets and it is the tool that helps in styling the pages thoroughly. There are three different types of CSS namely inline CSS, internal CSS and external CSS. It is external CSS which is most common among web designers and developers as it lessens code redundancy significantly.

Inline CSS: this type of css refers to writing the code for the specific designing in the specific page. They can be written inside the HTML page for getting a specific color, font, menu pattern or any other likewise design.

Internal CSS: this type of CSS is written before the body of HTML. The code that is written in this part gets uniformly applied to the entire webpage. It lessens the redundancy of inline css significantly.

External CSS: the entire css code is written in a separate file and saved with a .css extension. In every HTML page, the css file is simply inserted at the head position and the uniform designing gets introduced. The code does not require to be written separately.

Thus, it is no surprise that most designers like to use external CSS because if they have to make any changes, all they need to do is alter the external CSS file and the change shall be applied to all web pages simultaneously. Further, having an external CSS ensures that all the different pages of a website will have a uniform and standard look and thus the design is much more efficiently planned and coordinated.

So, in order to excel as a web designer, you must be polished in the use of HTML 5 tools as well as CSS because it is with the application of both these tools that you can make some of the most stunning layouts and designs that can impress. Hence, check out these points and implement them to get the best results. When you are making web layouts, you should try to be as innovative and as creative as possible because nothing beats the freshness of an interactive and creative layout.

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