How to create HTML from PSD – Photoshop with 5 tutorials

PSD is one of the popular image formats of Photoshop. You can create a PSD file by using any version of Photoshop. What a website designer does is create a template and then they sell it to the website owners. A good template is very important because visitors will always like a beautiful website. A website should not only look good but also it should be running fast. If a web page contains too many images and flash documents then the user will face troubles to load the website in their browser. Let’s see first what are the advantages of PSD to HTML conversion.

Advantages of PSD to HTML conversion

  • Website owners get their website designed according to their wishes
  • Easy to create designs in PSD
  • Website developers can make scripts easily
  • Codes become search engine friendly
  • Website loads fast
  • Less costly
  • More flexibility

How to convert PSD to HTML

Converting a PSD file into HTML is not a hard task to them who know web developing. If you are not an expert then you should hire one developer to make scripts for your site. Converting one PSD image to HTML needs accurately. The developer should know all kinds of necessary scripting languages so he or she can make a good script according to the PSD template. It is very easy to make a PSD document in Photoshop. All you need to do use choosing the template and then one by one draw the element or enter if the element is available and then save the image file as a PSD.

It needs your attention and creativity. If you want to add some plugin and other small things in your website then you can keep that place empty by mentioning the name of the plugin. Now let’s see how to create a web script or a web page by following one PSD document. First, the developer should know the CSS. If you are going to make it by yourself then you should learn CSS coding. CSS coding will be necessary to make any kind of website from PSD.

If you want a personal website made for you then you must make one unique design first by using the Photoshop because a personal website speaks about the website owners. If your website looks good then you will receive so many visitors.  HTML coding is mandatory. If you want to create a website without using HTML, then you must choose PHP. There is no other easy and efficient alternative scripting language. For a developer, converting one PSD image to the HTML is an easy task because they know what to do and the design helps the developer a lot.

Start from the navigation bar and then end in the footer

Start coding from the navigation bar. When you have the navigation bar ready, now make the template of the page. You need to use CSS here. If the PSD file came with a background color, then open the PSD file in Photoshop, choose the background color, and then get the color info (hex code). Now you can use the hex code in your CSS coding to set the background color. When the navigation bar and the background are set, make the frames. When frames are ready, start coding for every part of the website.

Here are some tutorials for your reference:

1)    Convert a Cheerful Web Design to HTML and CSS

 tutorial 1

: Source :

2)    Coding a Clean and Professional Web Design

 tutorial 2

: Source :

3)    From Photoshop to HTML

tutorial 3

: Source :

4)    How to Convert a PSD to XHTML

 tutorial 4: Source :

5)    Convert a Photoshop Mockup to XHTML and CSS

 tutorial 5

: Source:


If a website designed with much functionality then there will be much more complicated code. You must maintain the rules of coding to keep the website search engine friendly and at the same time, you should make a script, which will create a website exactly as it was designed in PSD file.


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