Get Amazing Offers at GOSF 2014

If you have bought goods during the Great Online Shopping Festival 2013, you will surely try out this year as well. The costs of goods during this festival are substantially reduced, which is not seen otherwise. On the participating online stores, the products are clearly demarked with the GOSF offers and discounts.

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According to Google statistics, the number of visitors to the participating stores doubled to two million as compared with last year’s GOSF. Out of the total visitors, 50 percent were women. These statistics shows that there is an equal demand for men’s and women’s products. Initiatives such as GOSF act as a booster dose for declining sales of online stores. In the year 2013, GOSF registered approximately 150% additional traffic as compared to the year 2013. In this year’s GOSF Google had faced a few technical challenges and outages that initiated an extension of a couple of days. This was taken very positively by the people and they were found taking good advantage of the extension.

This year, experts have touted that there will be a huge demand for electronic products and there will be approximately five times traffic than the last year. In this year, GOSF is planned for 10th, 11th and 12th December, but there are chances that the dates may be extended on seeing the rising demand. If you have been waiting to buy apparels for yourself and your family members, then this is the right time to buy them. There are some very popular online apparel stores that are participating in GOSF this year. You can also get their discount coupons on various coupon sharing websites. This will surely have an impact on the overall cost of the apparel that you are looking out for. Seeing the demand that was created last year, this year all participating retailers are waiting with anticipation to get great profits.

Promotion of GOSF is in full swing and you will find Google using various communication channels to alert and educate the online shoppers. The most commonly used communication channels for promotion of GOSF are mailers, newspaper advertisement, and mobile messaging. There is also some unconfirmed news that there may be television coverage of this festival. Seeing this preparation, one can surely estimate that the demand for GOSF will rise substantially.

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