8 Things to consider while designing ecommerce website

A website from where we can buy things is an ecommerce website. In simple language it is an electronic-commerce website. Basically it is online shopping website.  An ecommerce website should look attractive and must be easy to access by the customers. Choosing a good theme is the very first task and then adding some plugin is mandatory. Well, if you are planning to make an ecommerce website without using any CMS platform like WordPress then you will need to work a lot or pay a lot to the developers. Basically such websites are created to sell things and people spending lots of money on SEO of them. If developer follows some basic SEO guidelines while developing then that will be easy work for the SEO people to make website more and more searchable from the various search engines.

Top 8 things that you must consider caring are given below.

1.     Choose the best ecommerce website theme

If you are using any CMS then you will need to use a theme. You should choose the best ecommerce website theme to list your products on the website attractively. A good theme must have a good navigation bar and should have the best CCS coding. You can slightly modify the theme if you want by yourself or by getting help from the bloggers. You may need to purchase the theme. Free or cheap things are not always good so you should have a look at those themes that will cost you some bucks. You can buy a theme from the official website of the CMS that you are using or you can buy from other third party sites. To prevent broken codes and malware, you should buy a theme from the trusted theme sellers.

 ecommerce website theme

Image: Credit

2.     Attractive shopping cart + easy to operate

You must install a shopping cart and that should be attractive and easy to operate. Keep the shopping cart available in the entire website so it does not matter if any visitor of your website move them from one page of your website to other pages, they can still use the cart to buy the products.  Keep the entire items that the customer added to the cart listed one by one in the cart. If any customer adds to many items, then there should be scrolling system in the choosing cart but the cart must not get longer shape.

 2 attractive shopping cart

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3.     Add to cart button – CSS or JavaScript?

Under or beside of every product, “add to card” option should be available. If customers like a product, this feature will help them to add the product to the cart quickly. You can use CSS to design this button or you can use JavaScript. Well, it is better to use CSS instead of JS because all internet browsers do not support JavaScript.

4.     “Search box” with suggestion feature

Keep a search box at the top of your website. The search box should be modernized. Users should receive suggestion while they are typing. There are a lot of plug-ins available to add this feature so you can simply install a plugin and then let your website viewers enjoy this feature.

3- search box with suggestion features

5.     Listing of the products on the site

The user must have the access to list the products on the website according to the different conditions. Some customers may like to see the products sorted by the prices and some may want to see the products sorted by the dates of manufacturing. Give the user accesses to control their experience of browsing your ecommerce site.

6.     Keep good pictures of your product

It is very important to keep good pictures of your products in your website. Pictures should be able to satisfy the customers and make them interested to buy the product.

7.     Product variation by colors, shapes and designs

One item may have different colors or shape. If you want to make your one product popular then you should keep the variations of it because different people like different colors. For every variation of a product, different pictures should be available. On the page of a product, customers must have the access to change it according to its variations. Keep some options to change the color of the product and an option to add the item into the cart as it is shown on the website. If a customer sees a product in blue color, the ordered product should be blue too and for this, it is better to add the name of the color with the name of the product so it will be easier for you to know which product is being ordered by the customer.

8.    Keep related items available at the left or right side of a product’s page

It will increase the sales of your business. If you keep the links of related items of any product visible, then the customers will get interest to add some related items to the cart too.


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