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A logo is not just a piece of artistic work that needs applauds and attention but an entirely professional element of a brand or an organization that speaks on the behalf of the company to its audience or customers. There are certain rules that a graphic designer needs to learn while creating an icon for any blog or individual. There are few technical and scientific principles of colors, shapes, lines and many other visual tools that could enhance the visual impact of any logo.

logo design process


A design is actually a thought that has come while visualizing the larger picture and a logo is a part of it. The most important step of creating a professional and attractive logo is to put down the exact idea of the blog or the organization’s philosophy through a symbol. A logo should not be misleading and should not give out enough many meanings other than the one which the sender wishes to give out.  It should be designed in such a way that the reader immediately understands why this symbol is chosen to represent a blog or a company. One should also keep in mind that in order to make the logo smart and crisp, basic elements are not missed out.


Any graphical design is composed of certain elements that can also be called the building blocks of a design and a graphical designer must have proper knowledge about them. These elements are color, image, type, texture, shape and lines. Every color has a different meaning and is used to portray different emotions in different cultures and regions across the globe. An image is also a very powerful tool in designing an attractive logo as sometimes, just an image can speak a million thoughts to the audience. The right selection of type that includes the font size, font style and font color is again a significant step in logo designing as different nature of fonts are easily readable in print and electronic media. Also, the right selection of font family is important depending on the demand of the situation. Lines can also be used to give out different meanings in a logo. A straight line can be used for masculine emotions while a curved or a soft line signifies feminism. Lines are used in a logo to add emphasis and importance to the design. Shapes are basically three types, i.e. circle, triangle and a square and rest all other shapes can be derived from them by altering their dimensions using various softwares. Shapes are very commonly used now-a-days in various creative forms for making logos. Texture is also a significant element of design as it determines the feel of a highly professional logo. A designer must thoroughly read and study the impact of these various elements and blend them together to get a unique logo that reaches out to the desired public easily. Other than these elements, white space is also an important parameter of a good design as if enough space is not assured in the design, it would not be able to breathe and a lot of visual tension would be created in the eyes of the viewer.


Whatever is done on a professional scale generates sales or establishes a brand image, which could not be done without understanding the nature and demands of the target audience. Is my audience a young lot of college students or business owners seeking for various services? There needs to be a proper research to which the company wishes to focus through its logo. It’s a basic human nature and psychology that governs the success of any graphical design and that is its unusualness. Other than that, a logo should also be the reflection of what the company offers to its customers.


Principles of design are actually the scientific methods to put the elements of design in a way that makes them very effective. Balance, contrast, rhythm, dominance, proportion, unity, etc. are few of the basic principles that are used in creating a well-designed, attractive and professional logo. These principles ensure that the visual weight of the elements used for creating a logo are balanced in a proper way and each element is well connected to each other as well as the design. A proper alignment is also ensured by these principals and this leads to the success of a logo in terms of professional output.

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