Cyware: The Game Changer in Cyber Security

In an era characterized by multiple threats and threat actors, cyber awareness has emerged as a key factor differentiating an amateur cyber security response from a professional one. The difference is not limited to just professional security culture but internet security for a general user as well. It is in this myriad of highly complex and sophisticated threats in the realm of cyberspace that Cyware has emerged as a game changer App with unmatched utility towards cyber awareness.

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Talk to any leader in cyber security team and he/she would tell you how important it is for them to gain meaningful cyber awareness to safeguard their networks and computer systems. It is for this purpose that Cyware offers niche products in mobile environment. Cyware daily dives into the depth of internet and scans for the most important cyber security news from amongst the tens of thousands of articles. This is followed by summarising the news in short crisp summaries which can be readily consumed by the user. All the essential facts are retained and the news is made available in such a way that it acts as threat intelligence and can be easily shared with security team, peers, clients and the leadership team. The well curated news is structured perfectly into various categories like Malware & Vulnerabilities, Products & Solutions, Next Gen Tools, Threat Intelligence and Expert Blogs among others. The purpose of entire exercise is to generate cyber awareness among the users by providing timely feed and keeping them a step ahead of state and non-state threat actors.

With the increase in cashless economy and online transactions, a general internet user has also become a favorite target among scamsters and hackers. The news curated by Cyware also takes into account the cyber awareness in a general internet user so as to assist his/her internet security and bringing cyber awareness about new kinds of frauds done through Spearphishing, redirection attacks and ransomwares.

Cyware is going to be a game changer in the domain of cyber security. Powered by IBM’s Watson technology, cyware will emerge as force multiplier for cyber security teams of all kinds of organizations.

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