What Information Does the NSA Collect?

In recent weeks, outrage has poured out toward the federal government as an individual leaked information about how the NSA, or National Security Administration, has been secretly looking into social media accounts, Internet history and other data of specific individuals, without letting the different people know. While the government has been ‘spying’ on individuals essentially […]

Learn about ADSL2 and why it is getting cheaper

Internet connectivity has become such a major part of people’s lives. To a certain extent, it can probably even be said that it has taken up a major portion of their lives and preoccupations. The speed of the Internet connection, the very quality of that connection, and similar concerns are now among the things that […]

Why reading technology books and being updated is essential for webmasters

Reading is precious! We guess that no one will object the statement because most of people will be engaging themselves to reading in order to attain new kind of knowledge every day, no matter the field they are interested in. There is no change when it comes to Technology & Computers though we can categorize […]

USB Flash Drives: Extend their Usual Lifetime

USB flash drives are essential tech product of these days. Everyone’s daily belongings now include a USB flash disk. Like keys, wallet, cellphone, a USB flash disk is also seen in the pockets because it’s highly required these days. Moving data from one PC to another has never been so easier before and all these […]

List of latest smart-phones that fully compatible of 4G technology

4G is the latest in telecommunications technology. The 4G system allows for incredibly fast mobile ultra-broadband internet access via smartphones, USB modems and other devices. The advent of 4G connections now means that smartphones will be capable of increased mobile web access, internet telephony, high definition video streaming and conferencing, 3D television and cloud storage. […]