Making the most of SaaS

If you use software or digital services, the chances are you have fallen under an SaaS agreement. It is something that is highly common in today’s world, even if you are not aware of it. SaaS agreements are crucial for businesses. If you rely on certain software, it dictates the rights you have and what […]

LG g2 Smart Phones -Important things to know

Recently LG launched its new G2 smartphone in the Indian market and thus introduced a powerful cellular gadget in the competitive smartphone race. The smartphone has a powerful chipset, a very unique operating system, awesome screen and an extraordinary camera. Undoubtedly, LG G2 has fascinated us, especially in terms of design. The major change in […]

The Ailing Fortunes of Blackberry

The Ailing Fortunes of Blackberry It was the perennial debate: what is better, a Blackberry or an Android smartphone? For those who have decided that iPhones are lovely but far too expensive when you can buy a phone that looks just as good and does the same things, if not more of them, then it […]

An Overview of Google’s Algorithm Updates

Google has bludgeoned SEO specialists, big business stop-gaps and small business owners with a barrage of vicious updates in the past nine months. 2013 was going to be the year of big changes and the Google menagerie didn’t disappoint, with the content hungry Panda stealing the floor, although unexpectedly. Unsure of how each update over […]

5 Android Smartphone AntiVirus Apps That You Must Try

A few years back, nobody would have wondered about the need of an antivirus software on mobile phones. However, as the line between computers and smartphones has been blurring, there are many threats to your personal information and software. Adware, malware, identity thefts and spam are only some threats. There is however no need to […]

What Internet Speeds Mean in Relation to How You Use the Internet

A few years ago the only real activities you did online were check your email and perform general Internet searches. However, there are far more services and features online now than ever before, all of which require different connection speeds. However, when you look to sign up for an Internet plans you are going to […]