Top 4 Gaming Laptops You Should Check in 2015

Nowadays, Laptop are becoming much popular, even making it doubtful that regular Desktop computers may be vanished from the technology world in a few years. Still, people seem to be following high-configuration gaming desktop PCs, even without considering the wide range of laptops and notebooks, available in our market. Even though there are some giants […]

Understanding the Software-Defined Network

The software-defined network (SDN) is one of the hottest topics in IT today. It’s also one of the most difficult concepts to pin down. The technology has great promise for cloud environments because it’s agile, programmable, centrally managed and based on open standards. It also presents new issues regarding Virtualization Security for today’s network administrators. […]

What Should You Keep in Mind to Have a Career in Oracle/DBA?

Oracle is considered as the most complicated database in the world. A lot of training goes into mastering this database and only experience can help you becoming an expert Oracle professional. Oracle ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), computer applications and other enterprise applications are used by big businesses. As an Oracle DBA […]

The Curious case of the Missing Salary at the End of the Month – Know where your hard earned money is getting spent

One of the biggest headaches in almost everyone’s life is managing their personal finance. Everyone is absolutely aware of their income but it’s really difficult to track your expenses and properly manage your money. No matter how much you earn, at the end of the day everyone wonders, “Where is my money gone?” Research shows […]

The Best CMS to Build an E-Commerce Site

Creating an effective website or blog is all about the information you want displayed on the site. This is why you need a content management system. This application allows you to publish and edit content on the website. These applications range from the simplest to the most complex. There is CMS that support web based […]

Top eBooks app NewsHunt

We all read a lot, really a lot, everyday on newspapers we see, from the books lying on our desks, the documents served in the office, and a plenty of documents online. This doesn’t stop there. Most of have a habit of reading that author’s thriller or the romantic comedy. Years before Amazon’s kindle served […]