5 Essential Elements for Your Brand’s Social Media Strategy

Social media offers businesses and marketers unparalleled levels of closeness and community with their fans and customers. It’s an opportunity to engage, and provide a human element to the brand. While it may be a more casual communication medium, your activities on the platforms still need to be conducted with a strategic approach.

social media strategyRead on to find out how to start planning your brand’s social media strategy.

1. Choose Your Social Media Platforms

Social media can be a powerful tool for connecting and engaging with your target audience. But you don’t need to have a presence on every single social media platform. Choosing one or two key applications to focus your attention and resources on is going to be more effective than spreading yourself thin on them all. Work out which platforms your target customers are using, identify which ones you have the skills and resources to effectively manage and take it from there.

2. Set Targets – But Remember Numbers Aren’t Everything

What do you hope to achieve from your social media activity? Sales? Leads? Brand awareness? Knowing what you are working towards is essential to a successful social media strategy. Your goals should be measurable, but not necessarily linked to the number of followers you have. You should be looking for quality over quantity.

3. Know Your Audience

Knowing who you want to communicate with can help you to ensure that you are posting content that is relevant and useful to your target demographic. Social media is an interactive medium, so make sure you are interacting authentically with brands and pages that are likely to have likeminded fans and followers. Authenticity is the key, remember you are joining in a conversation not just blasting out an ad for your own business’ profile.

4. Dedicate Time and Resources to Your Social Media Management

Social media should not be an afterthought – if you are using it, you need to use it often and well. Customers may be reaching out to you on the platform with feedback or a question, and your followers are constantly receiving new information so you need to post regularly and memorably to ensure you’re keeping them engaged.

5. Incorporate Human Elements into Your Content

When you’re planning the content you are going to post, make sure you find ways to ‘keep it real’. Social media offers unparalleled opportunity for intimacy with your fans and followers. Share some candid ‘behind the scenes’ footage that tells people more about your business. Use the platform to tell a story. It can be tempting to continually post sales related information, but sometimes dropping your guard a little and sharing insight into the people behind the brand can help give your followers that kinship that will ultimately lead to conversions.

If you’re just starting out on social media or are looking to take your profiles to the next level, engaging an agency to help put together your social media strategy or even take on some of the management of your profiles can be a solid investment. Full service agencies like Simple can ensure that your social media activity integrates with and supports your other marketing and communication endeavours.

Are you working to a social media plan or strategy?

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