Best Android apps of 2014

A stream of new applications are being released every day, and offering services or entertainment to people that would have previously been thought of as impossible or implausible. While it’s hard to decipher which apps are the most necessary or required, there are always a few gems that stand out amongst the crowd, and the line-up for 2014 is no different.

Android apps
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Here are 5 must-have Android apps released in 2014 , and you will soon have no idea how you ever lived without them:

1. Twickets

The Twickets app is a free fan to fan ticket exchange that is taking the dubiousness out of online ticket resale. The app allows users to buy or sell extra tickets for a variety of different events. It does, however, have one distinct and amazing difference to traditional ticket resale. A user is not allowed to put a ticket up for sale at more than the face-value of the ticket. As a result, the annoying ticket resale for profit practices could be a thing of the past.

2. Navfree

Google Maps has, for many years, been the one and only choice for quality free navigation software on your mobile device. The problem with Google Maps has always been the fact that although the software is free, it requires a data connection. Navfree offers everything Google Maps does without the need for a data connection.

The app uses an open-source map database to provide its users with voice-guided navigation for free. This setup makes for an ideal companion when travelling to unfamiliar countries. Make sure you download the local variant before leaving and you’ll have your own personal travel guide.

3. BitTorrent Sync

There are many cloud-based storage applications that you can download to ensure that you never lose a single file or folder should your phone ever grows legs. However, most cloud-based storage applications out there either offer dubious security measures or require recurring subscription costs. BitTorrent Sync offers a highly secure cloud-based storage platform with no subscription fees.

The application allows users to backup phones, videos, as well as PDF and Text documents automatically over a Wi-Fi network. All uploads to BitTorrent Sync are encrypted and protected by secure keys and no user information is stored in the cloud.

4. Airbnb

Located quality accommodation at a fair price in a foreign country is no simple task, with hotels in peak season often being ludicrously priced. The Airbnb app allows users to upload their unused rooms for rent to earn a little extra income. The app offers accommodation in 34,000 cities with both short and long term rental options.

If you are planning a holiday, it is definitely a good idea to take a look at the accommodation available on Airbnb before wasting your hard-earned cash on a hotel.

5. Duolingo

There are many translation apps for your phone out there, but there are few that actually help you to learn the language. Duolingo does just that, offering a fun, do-it-yourself format that bears some resemblance to a pub quiz game or even casino games from Euro Palace online casinos. The application currently offers users the opportunity to learn English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian.

The application is free to download and offers a fun, easy to navigate user interface. In addition, you can track your progress daily and see how you are improving.

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