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8 Things to consider while designing ecommerce website

ecommerce website theme

A website from where we can buy things is an ecommerce website. In simple language it is an electronic-commerce website. Basically it is online shopping website. ¬†An ecommerce website should look attractive and must be easy to access by the customers. Choosing a good theme is the very first task and then adding some plugin […]

What is minimalist web design and ways to implement it yourself

There are different ways to design a website; the most effective and wide spread used design is the Minimalist web design. Most people use minimal web design without knowing they are using it. Minimal design focuses on designing a website taking only the basic elements into consideration, still preserving the purpose of the website. According […]

HTML5 And CSS the two horses of your designing race

When we are talking of web design, we have a lot of different points to look out for. The art of web designing involves both technical as well as creative aspects. In order to excel as a web designer, you must have sound knowledge of both HTML5 as well as CSS as they are the […]

Design an attractive and professional logo for instant brand recognition

A logo is not just a piece of artistic work that needs applauds and attention but an entirely professional element of a brand or an organization that speaks on the behalf of the company to its audience or customers. There are certain rules that a graphic designer needs to learn while creating an icon for […]