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Have you heard about ASKME? If you have habit of watching TV, you will have noticed advertisements of ASKME that feature Ranbir Kapoor. ASKME, when put in simpler words, is a Smartphone application that lets you know many sort of information from your city or a particular region. In our experience, we felt that ASKME is suitable for a name, one must-have App for Indian Smartphone users, along with ‘Bapp of all Apps’ as mentioned in its advertisements. In this post, however, we will have a detailed review of ASKME so that you can understand how useful will the app be when it comes to finding the information you need, in a matter of seconds. As the first part of this review, we’ll have a look on basics of this extremely popular Android application, which is expecting an iOS counterpart quite soon.

How to get the App?

You can download it from here: Download ASKME

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ASKME – Where You Get Answers

When you are at a town, especially one with which you are not familiar, you will have confusion in finding services as well as products. Even if you find some of such business providers, there will be tendency to be skeptical about their quality and reliability. Nevertheless, ASKME is an effective answer to this question of confusion, because it is a highly effectual directory of local businesses, which is made available through a simple Smartphone application. If you want to find a hotel in your city, or in a specific locality, you can search ASKME for ‘Hotel’ and the application will bring list of hotels that are available. Rather than mentioning names, ASKME can tell you many things. They include details for contacting the business, accurate address, ratings from other users, photos, catalog of available products, method of payment, etc. This is what ASKME does when we consider it a simple application to find local businesses around you, and things change when we check out more features of ASKME.

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What Else ASKME Can Do

A number of things are possible through Android App of ASKME. Some notable ones are as follows:

  • Classified Ads: ASKME, while being a business listing service, is a platform for classified ads also. As a user of ASKME, you can publish your requirement in form of a classified ad, give your contact number, and ASKME team will call you and confirm that ad. On the other hand, you can go to ‘Ads’ section of search results if you want to find advertisements that suit your requirement.
  • Shop Online from askmeBazaar: askmeBazaar is an online store from the company behind ASKME, Getit, and the company has integrated askmeBazaar in ASKME App so that every Smartphone user, who uses ASKME, is able to purchase what he or she wants through the app itself. Users can purchase a variety of products from this store, including gadgets, apparels etc.
  • Know about Local Deals: Most of the time, you fail to know about exciting deals from local business, though you might be well aware about online promotions and other stuff. ASKME, however, lets you know more of such promotion methods so that users will have maximum profit from these local business providers.
  • Make, Claim & Rate Listings. If you are a business owner and want your business to be listed in ASKME, you’ll be able to do so by visiting dedicated section of ASKME. Similarly, if someone has already listed that business and you want to claim it, you can do the same through application. On the other hand, as a typical user, who wants to help others, you can rate businesses according to your experience so that those ratings will help a lot of features in choosing the BEST.

UI & Verdict

In our experience, we found ASKME a neatly arranged application. Although the app weighs only 3MB, there were no problems in managing these mentioned tasks with ease. Also, absence of irritating advertisement is a blessing for all users. While considering these findings from our experience, every Indian Smartphone user should have ASKME in his or her Smartphone when there is a tendency to make life easier. Have you used this app? We are eager to know more about your experience.

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