5 Android Smartphone AntiVirus Apps That You Must Try

antivirusA few years back, nobody would have wondered about the need of an antivirus software on mobile phones. However, as the line between computers and smartphones has been blurring, there are many threats to your personal information and software. Adware, malware, identity thefts and spam are only some threats. There is however no need to panic as there are many different ways to keep your smartphone protected. One popular and recommended way is to have an antivirus app installed. After going through various different antivirus apps available for download at the Google Play Store we’ve identified 5 antivirus apps that Android smartphone owners should download and try.

AVG Antivirus

AVG has been quite popular for computers. For years, it has been offering a free version, with an extensive optional paid version. In the same way, it offers a free app for Android smartphones. A Pro version is also available for a small fee. AVG performs many different functions. It protects your smartphone against malicious apps, helps you locate your stolen or lost phone, alerts you about unsecure device settings, lets you remotely lock your device and allows safe web browsing.


Kaspersky is another specialist provider of desktop antivirus softwares and is now offering the same in the form of Android smartphone antivirus app. Kaspersky safety and security apps also include anti-theft app and a parental control app. Their antivirus app comes in a free and paid version. Kaspersky protects your phone against malicious apps, lets you remotely wipe or lock your phone and offers a privacy protection feature. You can even block SMS messages and calls from specific numbers.

Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security app can be downloaded without any charges; however, it does require a subscription. Norton offers a lot of features including remote lock, phone locator, protection against malicious apps, text blocking, call blocking, protection against online phishing scams and more. Norton also notifies you about security settings which could be vulnerable to cyber criminals.

Lookout Mobile Security

This antivirus program has won many awards. It protects your smartphone against malware and trojans. It also scans new apps as you are downloading them. Even before any app is installed, Lookout alerts you about any potential threats. You can schedule daily or weekly scans. It also includes a phone locator and online data backup feature. If your phone is stolen or lost, your data stays protected.

The paid version of the program includes many advanced features like remote lock, anti-phishing protection, remote wipe, advisor to download apps and restrict messages, calls or other information to developers.

Zoner Antivirus Free

Unlike the antivirus apps mentioned above, Zoner Antivirus Free is only available in the free version. It includes many different features which one may only acquire by paying for paid versions of other apps. Some of the features include theft protection, parental locks, app permissions viewer, device locator, remote control and call/message blocker.

When trialling each of these apps, it’s worth noting that majority of the antivirus app creators recommend deleting other antivirus apps before downloading installing their own version. It is therefore best to ensure you delete existing antivirus apps from your smartphone before installing trying out another. You could always go back and reinstall the version you previously had installed if you prefer that over others that you’ve tried out. Be sure to check out others on the Google Play Store too… And if we’ve missed any, be sure to comment below and let us (and our readers) know. Finally, we’d love to know your opinion the above apps to so do let us know via the comment form.


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  2. Thanks for this list. My favorite app is Norton antivirus tool 🙂
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  3. Thanks a lot for gret list.

    Don’t you think you should add Bitdefender Mobile security? It’s free to use. I am using it. Aprt from that your post is really useful.

    What is your opinion about Kaspersky? is that looks faster?

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