10 Ways to increase the face value of flat in Bangalore before selling

The Silicon Valley of India has made the money of the real – estate investor work smarter. The boom which has been witnessed by the Bangalore real – estate market has contributed to a great extent in the appreciation of their wealth. Be a developer or the individual investor, everyone has reaped the benefits and now it’s your time, if you are planning to sell off your house. Before putting the house on display, ensure that you appoint an advocate and get the property valued. Once done, then give a DIY makeover and add the premium before inviting the prospective buyer for your house and never choose monsoon as the season until and unless it’s the call of the hour and generally spring is the season where people prefer to put up their houses and flats for sale in Bangalore now.

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Clean indoors and outdoors

The first step starts with the cleaning and dusting of indoors and outdoors. Inside the cleaning, dusting of the house is as important as the walk-ward outside for the better flow of positive vibes. The guest while entering the house only should feel the positive vibes flowing and this vibes help in getting an optimistic feedback. De – odorize your room so that it doesn’t stink, but don’t overdo with spays or room – freshener, since many people are allergic to it

De – Clutter your Room

When you decide to put up your property for sale, de – clutter it. Dis – mantle all the complicated furniture and move it some – where else. You may sell it off too, if you don’t want to carry those belongings. These make the room look more big and clean

Paint Makeover

A paint coat can really give a new look to the house. It’s always preferred to paint the walls with the neutral color over the dark colors. Neutral color gives a brighter look of the room over dark colors


Proper arrangement of lighting makes the room look bigger and brighter. Complement the color and the lightings for the best look of your room

Fix and Repairs

Fixing and repairing the damps and cracks enhance the face value of the room as well as your house. Your prospective buyer of the house will definitely be willing to pay you the premium if he/she finds the house well – maintained

Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and Blinds accessorize the room in a perfect way. Perfect shades of the curtains can enhance the face value of the room. The texture of the curtain material should be carefully picked to ensure that it neither block the light and air from entering the room

Doors and Windows

Doing the doors and windows are important as the proper entrance has been admired with everyone. Remove the shades from the windows as they block the sun rays to come inside the room which gives a gloomy look, which may not be appreciated by the prospective buyer of the property


Ensure the main entrance is being maintained properly. Most of the times the first impression is the last one, hence a messy entrance can jeopardize the deal

Time for a photo – session

Once the makeover is done click the photographs of your room and get it listed on online real estate portals

List it on Housing.com

To ensure that you get the best buyer for your property, get it listed on Housing.com. The high credibility ratings they have on the industry, gets them quality visitor or home – seekers and your probability of getting your property sold to the right person gets higher with them

The features like Verified Listings, Photo Gallery, Filters, Ratings and Map Presentation as well as the al – encompassing detail information makes them the favorite real – estate portal of the home – seekers. All you need to do is to tinkle them at 0 – 333 – 333 – 333 at any point of time to get your property verified, clicked and your property is live, not only on the portal but also on their android and iOS app too…


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