Best Android apps of 2014

Android apps

A stream of new applications are being released every day, and offering services or entertainment to people that would have previously been thought of as impossible or implausible. While it’s hard to decipher which apps are the most necessary or required, there are always a few gems that stand out amongst the crowd, and the…

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10 Ways to increase the face value of flat in Bangalore before selling

flasts in mumia

The Silicon Valley of India has made the money of the real – estate investor work smarter. The boom which has been witnessed by the Bangalore real – estate market has contributed to a great extent in the appreciation of their wealth. Be a developer or the individual investor, everyone has reaped the benefits and…

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Throw the self-help web design book away now


If you want a website which delivers on promise, engages visitors and offers a valued user experience as well as efficiently and effectively sells products and/or services you should throw away the self help book of web design right now. The web means business If you are the owner of a small to medium sized…

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MobikWik: A Smarter Billing Solution


If there is something from which you really can’t escape in today’s life, I would say it the bills. In fact, it is even more challenging to handle with these bills in the best way. You can’t really afford so much time for the billing purpose. Hence, taking the help of a system can be…

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A Complete Review on DealGuru From AskMeBazaar

dealbazar imag

DealGuru with AskMeBazaar has certainly brought back the Indian passionate shopping being trendy. The site respects the latest trend of online shopping, and at the same time it’s like a mine, and a one stop solution for the Indian needs. In addition the navigation is too sleek in accordance the way Indians love. Redefining the…

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ASKME : The BEST Way to know about your City

askme app

Have you heard about ASKME? If you have habit of watching TV, you will have noticed advertisements of ASKME that feature Ranbir Kapoor. ASKME, when put in simpler words, is a Smartphone application that lets you know many sort of information from your city or a particular region. In our experience, we felt that ASKME…

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