ASKME : The BEST Way to know about your City

askme app

Have you heard about ASKME? If you have habit of watching TV, you will have noticed advertisements of ASKME that feature Ranbir Kapoor. ASKME, when put in simpler words, is a Smartphone application that lets you know many sort of information from your city or a particular region. In our experience, we felt that ASKME…

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Dreamhost Review and Why it is Best

Dreamhost review and coupons

There are a number of features in that help DreamHost to stay unique while compared with other hosting services. When we compare DreamHost with other web hosts, it becomes clear how rich is DreamHost in terms of features, performance and dreamhost deal to get hosting at very cheap price. If you give importance to useful…

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5 Essential Elements for Your Brand’s Social Media Strategy

social media strategy

Social media offers businesses and marketers unparalleled levels of closeness and community with their fans and customers. It’s an opportunity to engage, and provide a human element to the brand. While it may be a more casual communication medium, your activities on the platforms still need to be conducted with a strategic approach. Read on…

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Secure Online Documents: The 4 Industries that Need it Most

online docs

Gone are the days of paper clips, paper weights and paper cuts. From scanners to emails and smart phones to cloud computing, technology is an unstoppable juggernaut, continuing to revolutionise the way we live and work and making paper documents an obsolete remnant of the past. The business world has particularly welcomed such advancements as…

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Why you should avoid GoDaddy Hosting and go with Bluehost

avoid godaddy

Presumably the best, biggest and oldest domain hosting company existing to date, Godaddy is a force to reckon with having been in existence since early 90’s. But biggest and oldest does not mean giving a raw deal. With recent announcements revealing their support of SOPA, Godaddy is headed for the gallows. For those with no…

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5 Easy Ways to Speed up Your PC

speed up your computer

It’s impossible to get things done when your computer takes an age to boot up, load pages and access applications. Thankfully, there are a number of easy methods to gradually increase its responsiveness. Computers in decline will always slow down as they age but it doesn’t have to be the end of it so follow…

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